viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012


Hermano, it’s a Venezuelan film (2010)

Directed by Marcel Rasquin, produced by Enrique Aguilar, and presented by A&B.

It was awardwinner as “Best Film” on the 32th Moscow Cinema Festival and it was proposed to compete for the Oscar’s “Best Foreign Film” although it wasn’t succeed.

In a country were the most important sport is baseball, to brothers (Daniel and Julio) fight to go ahead through their favorite sport, soccer, while living day by day among violence and poverty in a really dangerous neighborhood in Caracas. Daniel (Fernando Moreno) is an exceptional forward, a master with the ball. Julio (Eliú Armas) is the old brother; he is the captain of his team, born leader. They are foster brother. Daniel wants a lot play on a professional level while Julio supports his family with dirty money: he doesn’t have time to dream. The opportunity of their lives comes when a talent scout invite them to do some test with the famous team in the city: Caracas Futbol Club


Personal opinion:

Con gran crueldad se muestra después de la guerra. Es una película dura, pero bien dirigido. También muestra el importante papel de las familias en la formación de las personas, y las tensiones y la estructura sólida que puede apoyar a sus miembros.


Brother Movie Trailer

This film shows a matriarchal family where the mother's daily struggle to keep Julio, his son, who will be a leader, team captain, and Daniel, an abandoned child in the trash, rescued by the family, will be the striker of the same soccer team, raised up with the same rights. Julio grows up deciding to maintain the family with dirty money. Steeped in imaginaries, where life is always going to fall to the party goals and the game is tied at zero, married life at an early age is central to their social environment, where a better life is achievable for one and not for everyone. The society gives them a chance to be better through a house talent, at which the flood tragedy and between whistles, balls and court their lives are at stake, football is one of the reasons that they share and to decide kicking their destinations, moving forward and continue the family union or take revenge on their own.


lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Father, you are the one who guides my path,

Who lovingly teach your children,

Working man of sacrifice,

Who treats his family with love